The SEE Education Foundation was created in 1996 as a nonprofit organization to serve the long-term education interests of the industry through


  • The inclusion of explosives instruction in engineering curricula
  • The collection of information
  • Developing education and training materials
  • Provides scholarships
  • Promoting forums and media through which experience with the principles and techniques of explosives engineering can be taught, reported, discussed and published.

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The Foundation is funded on behalf of the ISEE, manages and invests those funds, and, in so doing, promotes explosives engineering for the public good through research, education and other constructive efforts.


Special Projects

The World of Explosives

Developed by industry professionals, the World of Explosives is a website that tackles safety, the most frequently asked questions from homeowners, how vibrations affect structures and all the planning that goes into each blast. The World of Explosives even has 30 minutes of videos covering blasting and vibration. It’s the perfect resource for blasting professionals and homeowners. 


The Explosives Industry Hall of Fame

Established in 2004, the foundation's hall of fame encourages recognition of lifetime achievement in contributions to technological advances in explosives engineering and blasting practice, education, development of professional bodies and building of a positive industry image.


Explosives Users Reference Library

The foundation provides a repository of current and historic information through its Explosives Users Reference Library that includes thousands of books, articles, periodicals, photo resources, standards, training materials, maps and explosives artifacts and archived publications at its headquarters in Cleveland.


Explosives Museum

The foundation has an ongoing program to collect explosives artifacts (old blasting machines, fuse cutters, crimping tools, etc.) and historic library materials (films, photographs, tapes, maps, books, etc.), to ultimately be on display for the industry and the public.



Facilitating Research Projects

The foundation is in a unique position to assist in promoting, directing and monitoring research projects for the benefit of the commercial explosives industry. Your suggestions are welcome.