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ATF Safety and Security Information for Federal Explosives Licensees and Permittees (P 5400 15)

Properly storing and securing explosives is vitally important in our industry. This booklet contains guidelines, tips, techniques and tools developed by ATF, ISEE and IME for properly securing explosive materials.

Errata to the 18th Edition Blasters Handbook

This errata is a companion piece of the 18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook first printing. It contains complete corrections and updated formulas that are referenced throughout the book. Please note: The errata is included in the second printing of the publication. This download is for first printing owners only.

ISEE Field Practice Guidelines for Blasting Seismographs 2015

Blasting seismographs are used to establish compliance with Federal, state and local regulations and evaluate explosive performance. Laws and regulations have been established to prevent damage to property and injury to people. The disposition of the rules is strongly dependent on the accuracy of ground vibration and air overpressure data. In terms of explosive performance the same holds true. Developed by the ISEE Standards Committee, this technical guideline for blasting seismographs is intended to improve accuracy and consistency in ground and air vibration measurements. 2015, PDF.