Journal of Explosives Engineering

In-depth analysis of the latest blasting methods and trends; unbiased stories and reviews of new products; and coverage of legislation and government regulations affecting the explosives industry.

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Current Issue Highlights


Strain-Based Vibration Criteria for Blasting in New York City 

Based on several years of research involving vibration measurments of tall structures during blasting within several feet from historic and Landmarked buildings, a new strain-based criteria has been developed. 


Influence of Sample Rate on Underwater Blast Pressure Measurements 

This study involved measurements of in-water blast pressure time histories for a series of small-scale, open-water explosive detonations at varying cube-root scaled distances (CRSD) recorded at 13 different sample rates. The purpose of this testing program using unconfined charges was to establish the minimum sample rates required to accurately capture peak pressures from open-water detonations at various scaled distances.


Mother Nature Breaks the Rules