Journal of Explosives Engineering

In-depth analysis of the latest blasting methods and trends; unbiased stories and reviews of new products; and coverage of legislation and government regulations affecting the explosives industry.

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Current Issue Highlights


Blast Spillover Control 

After a rock fall incident, an investigation took place and teams were developed to examine and measure ways to enhance the way that crest falls were done, reducing blast spillover by 84%.


Safety Talk

In Case of Emergency (ICE) 


Presplit Assessment by Signature Hole Blast Vibration with Accelerometer Measurement

The effectiveness of presplit in soft or fractured ground is hard to visualize or quantify. This study uses accelerometers as blast vibration sensors that can measure blast vibration at a close range to a limit blast near the highwall, whereas geophones cannot measure the near field blast vibration due to its limited range for the PPV (0 to 254 mm/s or 0 to 10 in/s).