Journal of Explosives Engineering

In-depth analysis of the latest blasting methods and trends; unbiased stories and reviews of new products; and coverage of legislation and government regulations affecting the explosives industry.

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Current Issue Highlights


The Real Relationship Between Cracks and Vibrations

By Thierry Bernard

Four sample houses were equipped with five types of instruments for over 18 months, in order to learn if there is a relationship between the evolution of damage to existing constructions and the seismic levels of vibrations created by mine blasts. This article presents the results of this unique study.



Safety Talk

Metal/NonMetal Serious Accident Alert



PPV. SD. Really? Still??

By Doug Anderson

This article reviews the background in the development of using PPV and SD in blast vibration criteria. Alternative criteria to avoid damage to adjacent structures and solid materials is explored. How such criteria might be studied and evaluated is discussed.