Journal of Explosives Engineering

In-depth analysis of the latest blasting methods and trends; unbiased stories and reviews of new products; and coverage of legislation and government regulations affecting the explosives industry.

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Current Issue Highlights

Marvel Loch – Core and Shell Mass Blast

By Joseph Hoang; Michael B. Lovitt; Scott Wishart; and Nick Reed

Hoang et al. describe blast design and technical challenges that were solved during the firing at Marvel Loch underground mine in Perth, Australia. 

Investigation to Determine the Origin of Air Overpressure from Quarry Blasting

By W.J. Birch; L. Bermingham; C. Johnson; R. Farnfield; and S. Hosein

This article describes the research that took place during a 4-year period at a chalk quarry in northern England to determine the precise origin of air overpressure. 

Hazmat 101

By John Brulia and Tom Snyder

In this part three of our special Hazmat series, Brulia et al. discusses U.N. identification markings for the Highway Transportation in Commerce of Bulk Explosives, Oxidizers and Combustible Liquids.