Journal of Explosives Engineering

In-depth analysis of the latest blasting methods and trends; unbiased stories and reviews of new products; and coverage of legislation and government regulations affecting the explosives industry.

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Current Issue Highlights


Use of Signature Hole Analysis for Blast Vibration Control at the Highvale Mine

By Ron J. Elliott and Dylan Wedgewood
A series of five signature holes were blasted at the Highvale Mine and the resultant seismic data was analyzed to make recommendations on how best to address neighbor complaints regarding blast vibrations.


Analysis of Marine Blast-Induced Ground Vibrations in the Sudeste Port Project

By Paul Couceiro, Manuel Lopez Cano and Eraldo Florencio
Specialized marine blasting techniques were required to deepen and widen the access channel and turning basin of the Sudeste Port Terminal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The article summarizes the main findings and solutions applied.


Dyamite Daze

The return of a classic.