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Our Board of Directors



James P. Daley

Vice President, Administration

Alastair C. Torrance
Kilmorie Consulting
New South Wales, Australia

Vice President, Technical

Richard M. Hosley, Jr.
Connecticut Explosives Inc.


Braden Lusk
Missouri S&T


Janeen Smith
J. Smith & Associates, LLC

Past President

John W. Eloranta (Jack)
Eloranta & Associates Inc.


Michael Allen

William Hissem

Kristen Kolden

Daniel Leach

Enrique Munaretti

Kurt Oakes

William Reisz

Lon Santis

Jay Schafler

Cameron Thomas

Simon Tose

Tristan Worsey

John Watson

Executive Director

J. Winston Forde


Awards Committee

Goal: To recommend a recipient for an Annual Award of Merit and other awards and to function as a mechanism for administration of these awards, which it believes promote the objectives of the society. Chair: Richard Hosley, Jr.

Blasters’ Training Committee

Goal: To promote training for the benefit of members and others who apply scientific principals and techniques as they pertain to the use, handling, manufacture, transportation and storage of explosives. Chair: Larry Mirabelli; Board Liaison: Janeen Smith  

Chapter Development Committee

Goal: To serve as liaison between chapters, the ISEE executive director and the board of directors. The committee works with chapters that are forming and others that may be having difficulties with operations and programs. One representative from each chapter, usually the chapter president, serves on this committee. Chair: Cam Thomas; Board Liaison: Kurt Oakes 

Conference Advisory Committee

Goal: An ad hoc committee developed to serve as a liaison for members to discuss suggestions for changes to the annual conference related to the non-technical activities and make recommendations to the executive director and the board of directors. Chair: John Watson

Conference Program Committee

Goal: To plan and organize the program of technical presentations at the annual conference. Chair: Kevin Hachmeister; Vice Chair: Lon Santis

Constitution Committee

Goal: To monitor and propose changes to the organization’s key governance documents. Chair: Braden Lusk 

Education Committee

Goal: To encourage the teaching of explosives engineering in an accredited post-secondary school or two- or four-year university. Chair: Enrique Munaretti

Ethics Committee

Goal: To be a sounding board for ethics concerns from members and to implement a monitoring system to handle inquires. Chair: James Daley

Explosives Security Committee

Goal: To review standards and regulations regarding the security of explosives in the industry. Chair: Janeen Smith

Foundation Scholarship Committee

Goal: To support the education goals of the SEE Education Foundation. Scholarships are awarded to applicants who meet the following: Currently pursuing technical undergraduate, graduate or doctorate degrees in fields of education related to the commercial explosives industry; Must have completed at least one year of an accredited post secondary program; Able to demonstrate financial need. Chair: Travis Davidsavor

Government Affairs Committee

Goal: To review proposed legislation and regulations; make recommendations to the board of directors regarding positions to be taken and policies to be adopted with respect to proposed legislative and regulatory issues; suggest courses of action to be taken with respect to the need for legislative or regulatory action; and implement board of directors decisions. Chair: Lon Santis

International Committee

Goal: To implement the promotion of international relations and affiliations with organizations in the explosives field and related industries. Chair: Simon Tose; Vice Chair: Clifford Lim

ISEE Standards Committee

Goal: To develop and maintain standards consistent with the policies established by the board of directors. Chair: Ken Eltschlager; Vice Chair: Randy Wheeler; Board Liaison: Kurt Oakes

Membership Committee

Goal: To promote membership in the society and make recommendations in the interest of members and ISEE. Chair: Daniel Leach; Vice Chair: Tom Jenkins

Nominating Committee

Goal: To monitor and recruit candidates for the board of directors with a focus on strategic planning and resource needs for the governance of the organization. Chair: Michael Koehler

Planning Committee

Goal: To consider the long-range objectives for the society to determine the effectiveness with which the organization’s objectives are being met. Chair: Alastair Torrance

Public Education and Public Relations Committee

Goal: To make recommendations regarding society activities that focus on raising public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the explosives industry. Chair: Keith Henderson; Vice Chair: Phyllis Hasser

Publications Committee

Goal: To review and recommend to the board of directors the policy to be established respecting the technical content of the official publication of the society (Journal of Explosives Engineering). Chair: William Reisz

Technical, Safety and Environment Committee

Goal: To develop recommended methods, forms, procedures, terminology and data related to explosives engineering. Chair: William Reisz



Drilling Section


  • To conduct a meeting at the ISEE annual meeting; to form work groups within the section to examine drilling issues.
  • To develop standards for drilling practices.
  • To exchange information about drilling through the Journal of Explosives Engineering and the ISEE website.
  • To submit papers on drilling safety, controls accuracy and new technologies for a drilling session at the annual conference.

Chair: Jim Peterson; Board Liaison: Bill Hissem

Seismograph Section


  • To conduct a meeting at the ISEE annual meeting.
  • To form work groups within the section to examine seismograph issues.
  • To develop standards for seismograph use.
  • To exchange information about the blast vibration field through the Journal of Explosives Engineering and the ISEE website.
  • To establish standards for seismograph equipment calibrations, standard protocol for testing and performance and user guidelines.

Chair: Kristin Kolden 


Fragblast Section


  • To organize the International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
  • To develop and produce the Blasting & Fragmentation Journal with papers focusing primarily in the area of fragmentation by blasting from scientists and engineers from around the world.

Chair: Jose Sanchidrian; Board Liaison: Bill Reisz 

Emerging Professionals Section


  • Grow new industry professionals’ involvement in the society by engaging, retaining, and mentoring new members through providing professional networking opportunities and guidance.

Chair: Tristan Worsey