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IME Safety Library Publications (Full Set with Binder)

IME Safety Library Publications (Full Set with Binder)


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The complete set of IME Safety Library Publications in a three-ring binder. Documents included are:

  • SLP 1: Construction Guide for Storage Magazines
  • SLP 2: The American Table of Distances
  • SLP 3: Suggested Code of Regulations for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, Sale, Possession and Use of Explosive Materials
  • SLP 4: Warnings and Instructions for Consumers in Transporting, Storage, Handling and Use of Explosive Materials
  • SLP 12: Glossary of Commercial Explosives Industry Terms
  • SLP 14: Handbook for the Transportation and Distribution of Explosive Materials
  • SLP 17: Safety in the Transportation, Storage Handling and use of Explosives Materials
  • SLP 20: Safety Guide for the Prevention of Radio Frequency Radiation Hazards in the use of Commercial Electric Detonators (Blasting Caps)
  • SLP 22: Recommendations for the Safe Transportation of Detonators in a Vehicle with Certain other Explosive Materials
  • SLP 23: Recommendations for the Transportation of Explosives, Division 1.5, Ammonium Nitrate Emulsions , Division 5.1, Combustible Liquids, Class 3, and Corrosives, Class 8 in Bulk Packaging
  • SLP 24: Recommendations for Handling 50 Metric Tons or more of Commercial Division 1.1 or 1.2 Break Bulk and Containerized Explosive Materials in Transportation at Commercial Waterfront Facilities in the United States
  • SLP 25: Explosives Manufacturing and Processing Guideline to Safety Training
  • SLP 27: Security in Manufacturing, Transportation, Storage and use of Commercial Explosives
  • SLP 28: Recommendations for Accountability and Security of Bulk Explosives and Bulk Security Sensitive Materials
  • SLP 29: Recommendations for the Environmental Management of Commercial Explosives


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