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ISEE Explosives Product Guide
A product listing of explosives product manufacturers, initiation systems, commercial explosives pro..
LLNL Explosives Handbook
Properties of Chemical Explosives and Explosives Simulants University of California. This handbook i..
Mining and Rock Construction Technology Desk Reference
By Dr. Agne Rustan; Claude Cunningham; William Fourney; Alex Spathis; and K.R.Y. Simha. This is an e..
Nitroglycerine and Nitroglycerine Explosives
By Phokion Naoum. English Translation by E.M. Symmes, Hercules Powder Co. A new reprint of this one-..
Numerical Modeling of Explosive Propellants
Major advances, both in modeling methods and in the computing power required to make those methods v..
Official OSHA Safety Handbook
  Covers important topics for workplace safety and health. Hazard communication and fire prevention..
Pocket Reference
Pocket Reference, fourth edition, has everything you need to know right in your pocket. Automotive, ..
Principles of Engineering Geology
  By Robert B. Johnson and Jerome V. DeGraff. Basics of geology and mechanics. Discussion of soil e..
Proceedings of the Annual Conferences on Explosives and Blasting Technique (Print)
Complete print proceedings of the Annual Conferences on Explosives and Blasting Technique...
Quality Assurance Manual
By Wilfrid Comeau. Softcover, 9pp., 2002. Please note: This ISEE item is not subject to any ISEE pro..
Regulatory Requirements of Hazardous Materials
By S.B. Majumdar. Simplification of hazardous material regulations by an experienced professional. H..
Rock Blasting Terms and Symbols
Edited by Agne Rustan. A dictionary of symbols and terms in rock blasting and related areas. An exte..
Safety and Health for Engineers
Second edition by Roger L. Brauer. This text is the essential guide to blending safety and health wi..
Sixth International Symposium for Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
Proceedings of Fragblast 6 held in 1999. Softcover, 364 pp., 1999...
The Aggregates Handbook Second Edition
By NSSGA. This textbook describes all phases of the aggregates industry in a manner useful to engine..