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Theory of Combustion of Powder and Explosives
By Aleksei Lipanov. A collection of 34 articles covering combustion of homogeneous powder grains in ..
Thermal Decomposition and Combustion of Explosives and Propellants
By G.B. Manelis. Investigates the synthesis, kinetics and thermal decomposition properties and proce..
Toxicity and Metabolism of Explosives
Gives readers a better understanding of the toxicity, channels of absorption and metabolism of explo..
Trace Chemical Sensing of Explosives
Edited by Ronald L. Woodfin. Covers recent developments in the chemical detection of explosives in a..
Tunnelling in Rock by Drilling and Blasting
Edited by Alex Spathis, R.N. Gupta. Tunnelling in Rock by Drilling and Blasting presents the latest ..
Two Tone Cap
A two-toned ball cap featuring the ISEE logo...
Vibration Monitoring, Testing and Instrumentation
By Clarence W. de Silva. Vibration Monitoring, Testing, and Instrumentation provides a convenient, t..
Vibrations from Blasting
By David Siskind. This book summarizes the results of research by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and relat..