The Effect of Delay Time, Faults and Scaled Distance on Vibration Parameters

This paper will present the analyze results of 118 blasting vibration data in Kartal formation, which includes faults within, to understand the effect of delay time, fault and scaled distance on the parameters of vibration during the tunnel excavations by blasting in the scope of Yenisahra Subway Station project.


The European Integration Through a Major Drill & Blast Tunneling Project

The case of Brenner Base Tunnel excavation in the Italian territory, where the explosive materials were provided by an explosives supplier from Austria is presented. The proper combination of the "daily consumption of explosives" with the application of the 93/15/EEC Directive offers an excellent example of European Integration.


The Importance of Drill and Blasting, Under a Sustainable Mine to Mill Approach

Drilling and blasting must be approached wisely in a mine to plant perspective, not being isolated considered as just unit process to reduce material size to be excavated and hauled, but also holistically, where its results directly affect downstream plant performance operation and consequently, total mining operating cost and production.


The Influence of Blast Fragmentation on Loadability in Sublevel Caving

Loadability in sublevel caving drawpoints is heavily dependent on fragmentation. Digging time, machine wear and penetration depth are all affected negatively from excessive fines and boulders. Mid-range fragmentation promotes a productive and smooth LHD (Load-Haul-Dump) operation.


The Real Relationship Between Cracks and Vibrations: Are Cracks in Buildings Really Created by Vibrations?

Are cracks in buildings really created by vibration? The results of this unique study that has analysed millions of measurements (seismic, extensometric, and temperature) to define what relationship exists between the levels of vibration and the movement of cracks. These surprising results will change our perception of the subject.


Use of Signature Hole Analysis for Blast Vibration Control at the Highvale Mine

This paper summarizes signature hole analysis work carried out at the Highvale Mine to address blast vibration complaints from neighbors and improve fragmentation for the draglines. Recommendations included modifying delay times in the blast to reduce the peak particle velocity and increase the frequency fo the blast waves.


Use of the Energy to Compare Explosives – is this the Correct Approach with No-Ideal Explosives?

A review of data on explosives which shows that explosives having the same energy can present different VOD, which in turn, means that energy is not the only parameter needed to take a decision on which explosive to use in a blasting.