Case Studies Using the Multiple Blasthole Fragmentation (MBF) Model at Open Pit Mines in Canada

The MBF model has been successfully applied to several open pit mines and quarries around the world, including Canada and the United States. Case studies were conducted at open pit mines in Canada. The MBF and MSW share the same input.  The MBF and MSW modeling was conducted in parallel.


Charleroi Locks and Dam - Old River Wall Explosive Demolition - Final Stage -  Phase 2

A case study discussing the final blasting program to remove the remaining old river wall on a Corps of Engineers Lock and Dam project.


Control of Blast Induced Overbreak in Tunneling of Road Projects in India

The paper deals with the effect of various rock and geological parameters as well as blast design parameters on blast-induced overbreak. It was found that the foliation of joints with respect to tunnel axis, predominantly influence the extent of overbreak. Overbreak controlling measures were also discussed.


Cross Sectional Shape Effects on Small Explosives Driven Shock Tubes

This paper examines the effect on cross-sectional shape of shock tubes on pressure versus time waveforms. Three shock tubes of identical cross sectional areas were examined.


Detonation of Dry, Wet and Aluminized ANFO Observed through High-Speed Video

Study of the detonation process of dry, wet and aluminised ANFO using a high-speed camera.


Detonation Synthesis of Nanomaterials: Process Development and Testing

This paper outlines the process development and initial experimentation of detonation synthesis facilities at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Preparation of an effective detonation synthesis environment, formulation of explosive charge composition, and optimizing initiation systems are discussed in detail with analysis of initial test results.


Detonator Safety Relation to Measurement Errors

All statistical firing tests have some uncertainties in stimulus measurement. We will discuss the effect of these uncertainties upon determination of no-fire and all-fire levels for electric detonators.