The technical sessions will showcase the latest technological advances. Whether you're a blaster in the field or a supervisor, you'll find this an informative, enjoyable event. The following is a preliminary list of papers which will be presented in San Antonio, Texas. This program is subject to change.


A Case Study - Interpretation of Fragmentation Analysis Results to Improve Blast Performance and Realize Significant Cost Savings

A case study is presented showcasing how one global mining operation utilizes a hand-held fragmentation analysis device and interprets the data to improve blasting practices and optimize fragmentation results over a period of 3 months. Blast design improvements result in significant time and cost savings.


Analysis of Marine Blast-Induced Ground Vibrations in the Sudeste Port Project

Specialized marine blasting techniques were required for deepening and widening the access channel and turning basin of the Sudeste Port Terminal, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Immersed in a demanding and protected marine environment area, a strong and comprehensive blast-induced ground vibrations monitoring and analysis program was required.


Application of the Fan Hole in Rock Bank Blasting in Docks

The VCR fan hole blasting techniques usually used in underground mining are used in this paper for rock bank blasting, which is not only improve the working environment, but also enhance efficiency and reduce cost. The rock bank can be effectively blasted using hole-by-hole initiation technique to reduce vibration.


Application of Underground Bulk Emulsion Explosives in Polyethylene Pipes for Perimeter Control

The paper talks about perimeter charging using underground bulk emulsions in a polyethylene pipe. The paper details the work done for a period of four years that culminated into adoption of polyethylene pipes as the means of achieving perimeter blasting.


Blast Induced Vibrations in Malmberget

LKAB operates an underground iron ore mine in Malmberget in the northern part of Sweden. The town of Malmberget is located close to the mining area. There is a need for urban transformation for several reasons. The main focus is on blast induced vibrations and possible methods to meet regulations.


Blast Optimisation of Harder Ores at Phu Kham Open Pit in Laos

This paper discusses how the implementation of an innovative and process control driven blasting trial methodology was able to successfully manage the hard ore challenges at PKM. The outcomes have revolutionized drill and blast practices at PKM and significantly increased mill throughput of harder ores.